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ISKRA Measuring transducers are instruments used for conversion of electrical quantities in single and three phase electrical systems. Input-output characteristics can be created with five breaking points for unipolar and bipolar output signals. They can be used in places where you need analogue output quantities as input into another device. They are able to do permanent analysis of electricity supply quality in compliance with the SIST EN 50160 standard. Records can be stored in the internal memory for the period of the last three years. Except for »classical« analogue outputs, our measuring transducers can also provide you with tariff, alarm and pulse outputs for monitoring different tariffs or as PLC inputs. Together they can have up to four outputs. They can have also tariff inputs. Communication, outputs and auxiliary power supply are electrically insulated from other system. Transducers can be programmed via serial port. Data used for system analyses can be send to a PC. They can measure single or multiple electrical parameters. Their input can be AC or DC. Our transducers are the answer for practically your every need. 



Measuring transducers MI 45x


Measuring transducers MT 4xx


Measuring transducers MT/UMT 51x


Measuring transducers MT/UMT 5x0


RD 500 - Remote Display


Analogue Extender EX104

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